Congressman: There's evidence Biden was 'jacked up' on drugs

 May 17, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

For an 82-year-old, Joe Biden is reasonably active, and reasonably alert. But he often stumbles when he walks slowly, and his speech is often muddled and disorganized.

So how did he, suddenly, become "fiery" for his recent State of the Union?

"Jacked up" on drugs, states Rep. Greg Murphy.

It is the Gateway Pundit that provided a transcript of the interview by Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., with a Fox News host.

Murphy is a practicing urologist.

He said, "I’ll just be very plain and simple. I was in the State of the Union address, and Joe Biden must’ve been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint, and actually have a little bit of good knowledge that that happened. He can’t stand it. He can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long.

"It is going to be important that President Trump stays presidential, he did that during the last debate, he did not do that during the first debate. That he stays on track, that he shows the American people how much worse they are from four years ago and what this president has done to destroy this country. He just has to stay in his lane and act presidential, sometimes he can get off on a wheel, we all know that and love that about him. But Biden will falter and falter if he doesn’t have things right in front of him telling him what to do."

Fox News' Maria Bartiromo pinpointed the big question: "What do you mean when you say he was jacked up at the State of the Union?"

Murphy said, "I believe they gave him something to help him sustain the lights and sustain the vigor that he had. That was not Joe Biden. I was in there. He screamed for two hours. He screamed for two hours. And maybe we can talk offline and I’ll show you something that I think that proves that."

He continued, "I think I can have some evidence that shows he was given something before that."

He said, "Joe is 82, there’s a picture of him taken last week without his make up on. And guess what, he looks like an 82 year old. You can see his surgical scar on the back where he had his face lift, you can see that very plainly. He is being manufactured and puppeteered by the Democratic Party to be president of the United States. And I fully believe that has to do sometimes with pharmacology."

President Donald Trump has suggested that there are occasions where Biden is "jacked up," and others have agreed.

WND reported when Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, said in a report at PJMedia the same thing.

"If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine," she explained.

Democrats claimed the unusually harsh and verbally strident Biden was just giving evidence he's physically and mentally fit for office.

This, of course, is the president whose capabilities were assessed as "diminished" in a special counsel's report after an investigation into his likely violation of federal law regarding the custody of classified documents.

Lieberman, who has not examined Biden, suggested the evidence is that Biden could have been juiced up on Adderall or another amphetamine.

She described Biden as a "word salad on speed."

The report explained Lieberman pointed out Biden's frequent gestures and hand movements. Then there was his slurring of words, which is expected from an octogenarian.

But, she said, his accompany speed suggests he was "psychopharmacology helped."

Lieberman, who works with elderly dementia patients "told the Washington Times that Biden displayed behaviors indicative of stimulant usage to conceal cognitive decline," the report confirmed.

"[Adderall]’s given to focus someone’s attention so if you give it to someone who is not focused and give it to them ahead of a big event like the State of the Union, it will improve their focus. But it’s treating the symptoms rather than boosting the brain and it’s addictive so it’s dangerous," she said.

"He couldn’t correct his mistakes. He mentioned Moscow in a sentence where it made no sense. You could see him try to fix it, but he didn’t know how to correct himself. He couldn’t say the correct word. Anyone could trip over Laken Riley’s name but he didn’t know how to correct it. If he knew enough about her to talk about her, he would know enough to call her by the right name."

The anger and shouting also are concerning signs, she said.

"The emotional volatility is a sign of dementia and was amped up because of the Adderall or amphetamine they gave him. He wasn’t just talking loudly. He was shouting in a room where everyone could hear him and he had a microphone."

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