Congressman demands bodycam videos from cops at January 6 riot

 January 19, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Long have there been suspicions about the number of federal agents and hirelings in the pro-Trump crowd at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, when a few hundred rioted.

After all, many of the criminal cases that resulted against protesters could have been considered entrapment if it actually was shown that federal assets pushed people to misbehave and vandalize the building.

But few details actually have come out about the members of the crowd taking federal pay to be there, and now one congressman has had enough.

A report in the Washington Times explains Rep. Clay Higgins, a Republican from Louisiana, is accusing the Department of Justice of hiding exculpatory evidence from police recordings of that day.

He suspects that the recordings, both video and audio, would confirm "hundreds of undercover law enforcement officers were among the rioters … and helped incite the attack."

He's on a campaign to gain access to more than the closed-circuit security footage from the events. He wants, the report said, the DOJ to make public police body camera footage, cell phone video, recordings from Go-Pro type tech, and the transcripts of police radio traffic.

"To the extent that I’ve been able to put my own two eyes on some of that evidence, there’s a common thread that is woven amongst the evidence that the DOJ conceals," he told the Times.

He explained in multiple cases the FBA and DOJ have used video to prosecute Trump supporters, but have refused to identify others in the same video who were doing the same things.

The report said, "He suspects the rioters protected by the feds are undercover agents and informants."

He said he's seen some of the evidence from "discovery" in various cases, but, "It’s real hard to get to get a look at it, and the reason is quite clear. They’re not sharing it with the world because it’s exculpatory. It shows evidence that contradicts the narrative that has been presented by the mainstream media."

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