Congressman demands Bill Gates answer questions about massive farmland purchases

One member of Congress is demanding that Bill Gates, the influential computer software company founder and celebrated environmentalist, answer some questions about why he is buying up tens of thousands of acres of farmland.

That farmland, now, often is used for producing feed for cattle, that are turned into steaks and roasts and hamburgers. But Gates has openly advocated that nations should convert to synthetic beef.

So Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., wants him to explain what is going on.

At Summit News, a report reveals Johnson is insisting that Gates be brought before a congressional committee to explain his purchases of “vast amounts of farmland in the United States while telling Americans to stop eating meat.”

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Gates already owns more than 9,000 acres in Idaho, 16,000 acres in Washington, 20,000 in Nebraska, 4,500 in California, 25,000 in Arizona, 47,000 in Arkansas and more in a total of 19 states.

His total ownership is about 270,000, and his most recent fight for land was over 2,100 acres in North Dakota where he is “circumventing” a 1932 anti-corporate farm ownership law by promising to lease the land back to farmers.

“It has become clear in recent reports that Mr. Gates is the largest private farmland owner in America – he now owns nearly 270,000 acres of farmland across 19 states. Comparatively, the average farm size in 2021 was 445 acres, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service. I believe that Mr. Gates’ holdings across much of our nation is a significant portion that the Committee should not ignore,” Johnson told David Scott, the chairman of the committee.

He said on social media, “Bill Gates is the largest owner of US farmland. I’m curious what’s planned for this incredibly productive ag land given that he believes developed countries like America ‘shouldn’t eat any red meat.’ How are his land purchases related to those aspirations?”

Summit News also posted an editorial about Gates and his plan.