Republican congressman claims the FBI has evidence that will end Mueller’s probe

A top-ranking Republican made an allegation this weekend that could bring the Trump-Russia probe to a quick close.

According to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), the FBI withheld information that he says would have prevented Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign team from ever beginning.


The start of Mueller’s investigation was largely due to a statement made by George Papadopoulos regarding the subject of a meeting held at Trump Tower.

According to Papadopoulos, the meeting was going to be about information that could possibly hurt Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

But Ratcliffe contends our Justice Department had information that directly contradicted the claims made by Papadopoulos.

“Hypothetically,” Ratcliffe said, “if the Department of Justice and the FBI have another piece of evidence that directly refutes that, that directly contradicts that, what you would expect is for the Department of Justice to present both sides of the coin to the Foreign Intelligence Service Court to evaluate the weight and sufficiency of that evidence.”

Rather that do that, though, Ratcliffe contends a politically motivated Justice Department only showed one side of the coin to ensure an investigation was opened up into Trump.

Exposing the Truth

While the information used for the warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to start this investigation has not been made public, Ratcliffe believes that could truly be a game changer.

Because of that, he is petitioning the White House to declassify the information used to secure the warrant.

“My opinion is that declassifying them would not expose any national security information, would not expose any sources and methods,” Ratcliffe said.

And while our “secrets” would not be exposed, he does believe certain members of the Obama administration working in the Justice Department would be exposed.

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If that happens, it would completely change the narrative of the investigation.

Furthermore, President Trump himself would be vindicated and the information is as damning as Ratcliffe believes, it will prove this investigation was not about security but rather a politically motivated attack by a Democrat administration against a Republican opponent.

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