Congressman Charlie Dent, frequent Trump critic, set to resign from Congress

One of President Trump’s biggest foes within the party has finally called it quits.

Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent has announced he will not finish out his term.

The Foe

Much like Senator McCain, Dent has aligned himself as more of a moderate than a true conservative.

Because his state has a long history of voting “blue,” Dent seems to have changed his politics to pander for votes.

One of the biggest clashes Dent has had with the President is over Obamacare.

Their “dislike” for each other hit an all-time high when Trump allegedly confronted Dent during a White House meeting.

Sources inside the meeting said Trump told Dent he was destroying the party.

More recently, Dent has led the bogus narrative that Trump is going to fire Robert Mueller.

As a way to undermine the President, Dent filed legislation to prevent Trump from removing Mueller from his appointment.

Mind you, on numerous occasions, Trump has stated he will not remove Mueller, but at the same time wants this investigation wrapped up.

New Lines

The new district lines that were drawn for the upcoming elections did not bode well for Dent.

While Trump carried the former lines, he would have lost the district based on how it is drawn out for the next election.

Since Dent has not supported Trump at all, it is a pretty safe assumption Dent would have gotten slaughtered if he didn’t retire.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Dent announced that he would be retiring at the end of his term.

Now, however, he has decided to not finish the term and will be leaving office in May.

More Challenges

While we are glad to see Dent go, Democrats are now being handed a golden opportunity.

Governor Wolf has considerable latitude in naming a date for the special election for a replacement to finish out Wolf’s term.

It is also unlikely a Republican will be able to carry the seat with the new lines drawn.

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While Dent in office presented significant challenges to Trump, it is not all but certain Democrats will capture that seat not only in the general election, but also in a special election once it is held.

This, of course, means even more resistance to Trump and his conservative agenda in Congress, all of which could have been avoided had Dent actually acted like a real conservative.

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