Powerful congressman calls for Rosenstein to ‘resign immediately’

After some rather questionable actions, members of the GOP are once again calling for the resignation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) sent out a tweet on Thursday demanding Rosenstein step down “immediately.”

No Time

Rosenstein, already not a favorite on the GOP side of the aisle, further irked Republicans this week by blowing them off.

Congress had requested Rosenstein stop in for a little on-the-record chat about a suggestion he made last year about secretly recording the president. Rosenstein apparently did not have time for this.

He did, however, have the time to sit down with The Wall Street Journal for a rather lengthy interview — though even there he would not discuss the covert recording idea, which he has tried to downplay as a “sarcastic” comment.

Instead, Rosenstein used the Journal interview to justify the Russia investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

He also stated that he believed it was moving along in the right direction.”I committed I would ensure the investigation was appropriate and independent and reached the right result, whatever it may be. I believe I have been faithful to that,” Rosenstein told the Journal.

Congressional Hearings

As Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) hinted earlier this year, congressional hearings are generally treated as somewhat of a joke by those in our Justice Department.

Requests for information are regularly ignored and requested appearances are blown off, as was the case with Rosenstein.

On Rosenstein’s actions, Rep. Meadows stated, “Mr. Rosenstein’s actions speak for themselves.”

“He has made his priorities clear – and it seems transparency isn’t one of them,” he added.

Trump, thus far, has played this pretty close to the vest.

While GOP officials have regularly called for the resignation of both Mueller and Rosenstein, Trump has yet to go so far.

The President has regularly called for this “witch hunt” to end, but he has never formally called for the resignation of either Mueller or Rosenstein.

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In fact, about two weeks ago, Trump stated he and Rosenstein had a “great” chat on Air Force One and that their relationship was on the mend.

If Trump is smart, he will continue to let the members of Congress do their work here and allow them to uncover any nefarious actions on the part of Rosenstein.

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