GOP congressman sounds the alarm on dangers of mail-in voting

As Democrats continue to push for national mail-in voting for the presidential election, many Republicans remain firm in their belief that such a system of casting ballots is a gateway for widespread fraud.

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) is the latest Republican to warn that “ballot harvesting” is a very real threat if Democrats get their way and the practice of mail-in voting is broadly implemented this November, as Just the News reports.

The threat is real

There are numerous ways ballots can be “stolen” if mail-in voting is utilized across the country, and one of those involves the practice of “ballot harvesting,” which essentially entails the gathering of mail-in or absentee ballots by third-parties who are trusted to submit the votes to the proper authorities instead of the people who actually cast them.

However, the rules that govern mail-in and absentee voting are far from standardized across American jurisdictions, with signature and identification requirements varying significantly.

These are the sorts of concerns Rep. Davis has raised in opposition to widespread use of mail-in ballots this fall.

Referring to recent initiatives in some states to permit mail-in voting, Davis, according to Just The News, said: “What I’m reading about Nevada concerns me greatly. I have been reading that somebody can return five ballots in one envelope without signatures.

“That’s something that is rife for fraud. Look, political operatives should not determine how ballots get to and from a voter to a polling place,” he added.

He’s not alone

The worries expressed by Rep. Davis have been raised by a number of other prominent politicians, including President Donald Trump, who has broached the subject himself in the past on Twitter.

Another concern to many Republicans is the fact that far too many states have been less than diligent in terms of eliminating the names of deceased or relocated individuals from their voter rolls.

While it would be nice to be able to rely on the integrity of a mail-in voting system, particularly in the age of COVID-19, the fact is that there is simply too much opportunity for electoral fraud in such a scenario.

Whether the Democrats will continue to force the issue and demand expansion of this dangerous practice ahead of November remains to be seen.

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