Top congressional Democrat admits regrets over impeachment

Democrat Chief Deputy Whip Dan Kildee (D-MI) stunned Democrats on Fox News this week when he stated, according to Breitbart: “I regret the fact that some of my colleagues, long before even the Ukraine question came forward, had already decided that they wanted to impeach the president.”

It’s clear from this that Democrat congressional leadership wishes they could go back and reverse many Democrats’ decisions to call for impeachment before an actual “impeachable” offense occurred.

Jumping the Gun

What Kildee stated should worry every American in this country.

He openly admitted that numerous Democrats in Congress have had their minds made up for quite some time that no matter what, they are going to impeach Trump.

The fact that congressional members are not even willing to listen to evidence or allow the process to play out before making a decision amounts to a coup.

And the fact that Kildee admitted this is absolutely astonishing.

The Language is Changing

If you’ve noticed over the last few days, public support has seemingly waned for the impeachment. Democrats thought they would get a wave of support, but they are getting more and more pushback from Americans who simply do not believe there is enough evidence to impeach Trump.

Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is starting to use different language to build support for impeachment. Instead of pushing the quid pro quo narrative, she is now saying as long as they have quid, they have enough.

In other words, if Trump asks another government for anything, regardless of if there were any trade-off, he has broken his oath of office.

This is something that goes on virtually every day in politics, and now Pelosi is trying to say Trump violated his oath of office because he asked another government official to look into possible corruption and election hacking.

The only thing Democrats are doing right now is ensuring that regardless of who wins the next election, our government is going to remain at a standstill. If Trump wins, Democrats will go into overdrive to remove Trump from office.

If a Democrat wins, Republicans are surely going to be looking for revenge and they will dig up everything they can on the new president to do to him or her what Democrats did to Trump. In the meantime, the American public is being held hostage in this ridiculous game of political revenge.

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