Congress sets course for contempt case against Hunter Biden

 January 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Congress has charted out a course to result in a contempt of Congress criminal case against Hunter Biden.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees will be holding their first hearings on that case over the next few days.

The hearings are not a surprise after Hunter Biden deliberately and publicly snubbed the congressional orders by holding a news conference to read a statement in Washington at the same time he was supposed to be testifying.

He claimed he was chosen to testify in a "public" hearing, but not a "deposition," but his problem is that those who receive subpoenas from Congress are not given the choice about their appearances.

"Hunter Biden’s willful refusal to comply with our subpoenas constitutes contempt of Congress and warrants referral to the appropriate United States Attorney’s Office for prosecution," said Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan in a statement.

"We will not provide him with special treatment because of his last name."

Just the News said the announcement "sets up a high stakes showdown in the shadows of the 2024 election where Joe Biden is seeking re-election."

The resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt is, the report said, the "latest step in the House Republicans' impeachment inquiry into Hunter Biden's father, President Joe Biden."

The committees have been looking at evidence the Biden family used influence peddling to advance their financial interests while Joe Biden was vice president to Barack Obama. Already there's evidence of massive payments to family members, sometimes from America's enemies, as well as an FBI document alleging $5 million bribes to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

The congressional statement continued, "Our investigation has produced significant evidence suggesting President Biden knew of, participated in, and benefited from his family cashing in on the Biden name. We planned to question Hunter Biden about this record of evidence, but he blatantly defied two lawful subpoenas, choosing to read a prepared statement outside of the Capitol instead of appearing for testimony as required.

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