Fox host blasts Congress for going on vacation instead of addressing border crisis

Remember when President Doanld Trump delayed ICE raids to give Congress more time to work on immigration reform?

During the additional time, they have done nothing. Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade blasted members of Congress for ending negotiations and heading out on a six-week vacation rather than staying put and working on real reform.

Stay Put

Dems have been complaining forever about immigration reform. However, can anyone really remember the last time the put forth an honest bill to address this issue?

Now, with family separation and conditions at border facilities being one of their main talking points, they are taking a summer break rather than continuing to work on the real legislation to fix our broken immigration laws.

“They are going on vacation for six weeks and leaving Border Patrol with this crisis for 2,000 miles,” Kilmeade said.

He added: “They could act! They could stay through the weekend until they get something done.”

Ripping the Dems

Republican members of Congress were just as outraged that Dems are going on break and ignoring this problem.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) stated that family separation “is just one component of this crisis, as it is clear that conditions at border facilities have deteriorated to an unconscionable level.

“It’s so depressing,” he added. “It’s like if you’re a firefighter and see a whole neighborhood on fire and instead of turning on your hose when you arrive, you check your watch and say, ‘Um, my shift is over.'”

This proves something we have been saying for months: Dems just don’t care. They put up a great front and say all the right things in front of the camera, but they really don’t want these situations to get any better. If the problem is solved, they don’t have anything to complain about.

And if they can’t rail against Donald Trump and the Republicans, then they literally don’t have anything to fill up their days.

So instead of working on a real solution, Dems are sunbathing on the beach and sipping margaritas on cruise ships. For now, all the issues they rail about regarding their precious illegal immigrants will have to be put on hold.

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