Congress finds MORE Biden bank accounts in influence peddling investigation

 May 16, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Already, members of Congress have confirmed that they have documented some $24 million flowing to Biden family members in what is being investigated as possibly a years-long worldwide influence-peddling scheme in which access to Joe Biden was being sold to often unfriendly foreign interests.

Shell companies and accounts have stacked up high, and the questions about just what the family was doing for all that money have multiplied.

Now, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., says a new round of subpoenas has been issued to a list of new accounts that have just been discovered, and he is hoping that soon the investigation, which could result in an impeachment case against Joe Biden, could be in its final lap.

He explained, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, that the family provided "no legitimate services" for the millions of dollars members were given.

And he described many of the dealings as "shady transactions," pointing out some of the accounts appeared to have no purpose other than to "launder the money the Bidens were getting from China, Romania, Russia."

The Gateway Pundit said the background to the dispute includes that Congress already has reviewed 170 suspicious activity reports generated mostly by banks that are linked to the "Biden Crime family."

Comer previously listed nine Bidens, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Hallie Biden, Kathleen Biden, Melissa Biden and two "niece/nephew" Bidens and a grandchild as having been recipients of foreign money.

Comer has explained over $10 million from "foreign nationals and their companies" has been identified.

"Joe Biden’s son. Joe Biden’s brother. Joe Biden’s brother’s wife. Hunter Biden’s girlfriend/Beau Biden’s widow, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife. Hunter Biden’s current wife. And 3 children of the president’s son and the president’s brother. So we’re talking about grandchildren – a grandchild. That’s odd. Most people that work hard every day a grandchild doesn’t get a wire from a foreign national," Comer has explained.

There also has been recovered evidence of a $200,000 payment from Jim Biden to Joe Biden as "loan" repayment, although there's no evidence that a loan was made.

Further, Joe Biden himself bragged of his involvement in his son's business adventures, when he boasted of using American aid scheduled for Ukraine, under Barack Obama, to threaten Ukrainians.

He warned that unless officials there fired a prosecutor investigating corruption at a company paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars, they would not get that aid, in a highly publicized quid pro quo.

He than boasted about his threat.


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