Congress expands probe into Biden retaliation against whistleblowers

 May 10, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Negative evaluation letters, suspended security clearances, these are just some of the tools Joe Biden appears to be using against those who reveal his administration's activities, the whistleblowers.

The latest case, according to a report from Just the News, is an impeachment witness who endured retaliation from the Bureau of Prisons.

It's creating concern in Congress "about a wider pattern of perceived intimidation of whistleblowers and congressional witnesses by President Joe Biden's administration," the report explains.

There also are four FBI agents suspended for whistleblower activities, a possible government investigation of those who revealed IRS actions to block their investigation of Hunter Biden, and more.

It now is the House Judiciary Committee, under chairman Jim Jordan, that is expanding its investigation into claims Biden's Department of Justice is targeting an impeachment investigation witnesses with "retribution."

The report confirmed letters sent to the DOJ and Bureau of Prisons reveal Jason Galanis faced retaliation by elements in Biden's DOJ when it appeared he would testify in Congress' investigation into support for impeaching Biden.

"Galanis told the committees in his transcribed interview that he believed he was a victim of retaliation by the administration which anticipated his cooperation with the investigation. The Justice Department ultimately denied Galanis’ request for home confinement under CARES Act rules after his former business partner and fellow Hunter Biden associate, Devon Archer, was called to testify."

His testimony was not favorable to the Bidens, and congressional investigators said in the report that may be what triggered "the retribution."

Among the targets of congressional review of the Bidens is their financial scheming that included allegedly selling access to Joe Biden to foreign interests, some unfriendly to the U.S. It's been described as influence peddling.

Galanis said his part in Biden plans for a secure financial future included building a "diversified private equity platform, which would be anchored by a globally known Wall Street brand together with a globally known political name."

Galanis described how the deal would have included a Chinese corporation backed by the government there, headed by Henry Zhao.

"Mr. Zhao was interested in this partnership because of the game-changing value add of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, who was to be a member of the Burnham-Harvest team post-vice presidency, providing political access in the United States and around the world,” Galanis told Congress.

The Biden plans have been described similarly by a multitude of others with first-hand knowledge.

That scenario failed because two members of the promotions team, including Galanis, were caught up in a tribal bonds scheme that proved fraudulent.

The report said FBI intelligence analyst Marcus Allen also was interviewed by Jordan's committee, and then the FBI suspended his security clearance.

He had revealed FBI officials were not "forthright" in their testimony about the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at the Capitol.

Other agents tell similar stories.

And when two IRS agents raised concerns that the DOJ was giving Hunter Biden special treatment by tipping him off that a raid was looming and blocking search warrants, his lawyer immediately attacked the agents personally, the report said.

Congressional committees already have warned about retaliation, telling the DOJ, IRS and others in a letter, "The committees will not tolerate any retaliatory conduct by the Department or the IRS against these or any other whistleblowers. Whistleblowers play an integral role in identifying and rooting out waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, and corruption within federal agencies. Federal law protects whistleblowers from retaliation."

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