Confrontation between Gorka, journalist disrupts White House social media summit

Yesterday chaos erupted at the White House when former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka got into the face of a journalist who was taunting him.

Insults flew, but thankfully the confrontation stayed non-physical.

Chaotic Confrontation

Gorka yelled at Playboy correspondent Brian Karem on Thursday after Karem taunted a group of conservatives in the White House Rose Garden, saying, “This is a group of people that are eager for demonic possession.”

This caught Gorka’s attention, who asked, “Hey you’re a journalist, right?”

Karem responded by saying, “Come over here and talk to me, we can go outside.”

An infuriated Gorka came over and got into Karem’s face, yelling, “You’re a punk! You’re not a journalist! You’re a punk!”

Watch below:

Trump supported Gorka, tweeting:

@SebGorka Wins Big, No Contest!”

Drop the egotism

Too many mainstream journalists have been indulging in egoistic behavior for some time now. Many use their hatred of Trump as an excuse to be obnoxious.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is a well-known example of this. Red State reports:

“Acosta recently lost his White House press credentials after his embarrassing behavior during a presser with President Donald Trump, where he attempted to argue with Trump instead of asking questions, and even physically blocked a woman from taking the microphone away from him.”

The Acosta kerfuffle happened in November of last year, but it stands relevant in light of yesterday’s events.

These “journalists” need to drop the egotism and report the news. They should be asking real questions and giving their audience the real story.

Unfortunately, most mainstream journalists are just political hacks looking for any way to attack Trump — not in the name of finding the truth, but in service of their own liberal worldview.

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