Conflict? Democrat Katie Hobbs could End Up Certifying her Own Election Win

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It is a conflict of interest?

Democrat Katie Hobbs, the party’s candidate to be governor of Arizona, is holding a small lead in the race over Republican Kari Lake as the last few percentages of precincts are counted – a week after the fact of the election.

And as the state’s elections chief as secretary of state, she could be in the position to certify her own election.

Which has raised objections from Lake, who suggested Hobbs should recuse, because of the apparent conflict.

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Fox News reported that Lake believes the situation is a “major ethical problem” and that, “Obviously, just the optics of it looks bad.”

Lake said, “We called for her to recuse herself in July of the last year of 2021, right after we got into the race, recognizing that there’s a major ethical problem there. Obviously, just the optics of it looks bad. And she didn’t do that.

“Even though many people have been calling for her to recuse herself, it creates problems, to say the least,” Lake continued.

Lake, who has raised repeatedly the issue of election security in the campaign, said, “She will be the one that would certify the election. She has a lot to do with registration, voter registration, all kinds of things … voter rolls and advising counties on how many ballots they’ll need.”

Lake remained a few thousand votes behind on Monday as more ballot dumps were being reported by the state.

“We have election season here. We start voting about a month before Election Day, and we keep counting after Election Day — forever. And we’re in the process of still counting the votes and there are about 300,000 ballots that have not been counted, this is according to the county recorder,” she said.

An anti-Lake columnist at AZCentral said Lake’s chances “seem more like an illusion.”

The commentary claimed that none of the complaints about computer failures, voting irregularities, and more are “sticking.”

The facts remain, however, that during the 2020 presidential election, there were several factors that studies and polling suggest actually took the victory away from President Trump and gave it to Joe Biden.

That’s besides the random state laws and regulations that were violated or simply ignored, often concerning mail-in ballots, during the voting process.

In that election, one factor was the FBI’s decision to interfere in the vote by telling social media to suppress “Russian disinformation.” However, it was not disinformation, it was accurate reporting about the Biden family’s very odd income coming from enemies of the U.S., including China and Russia. Surveys show that had that information been readily available, Biden would not have won.

The other influence was Mark Zuckerberg’s $400 million-plus that was handed out to local elections officials, who often used it to recruit voters from Democrat districts.

While those specific campaigns were not repeated for the 2022 midterms, the essence of their agenda was. It’s been learned that government agencies have a backdoor channel to several foundations that would wait for Biden administration officials to tell them to want perspectives to suppress online, and the foundations then would complain to social media companies until those views were censored.

Further, Biden issued an executive order for all government agencies to recruit voters – often from Democrat districts – replacing the campaign Zuckerberg launched earlier.

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