Concerned Republicans demand to know Biden admin’s plan to tackle rising energy costs

The Biden administration is facing a number of issues that it can’t seem to get a handle on, including a looming energy crisis for the upcoming fall and winter seasons — seasons that experts predict could be colder than average.

According to the Daily Caller, a group of Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are clearly concerned about the situation and penned a letter to President Joe Biden’s administration inquiring about their plans — if they have any — to make sure Americans have access to affordable energy for what could be a harsh winter. 

The group of 22 GOP lawmakers addressed the letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

“A perfect storm”

Puns aside, the GOP lawmakers who wrote the letter to Granholm cited the potential of a “perfect storm” that could further skyrocket energy prices at a time when inflation and supply chain disruptions already pose likely crises in the near future for the American public.

“With predictions of a colder than usual winter this year, we want to understand as soon as possible what actions you and the Department are taking to prepare for what could be a perfect storm of a cold winter, high and unaffordable energy prices, and supply disruptions,” the Republicans wrote.

The letter came on the heels of Granholm announcing just last week that America might need to consider tapping into emergency energy reserves, as Reuters reported.

That announcement came about after government leaders apparently realized that because of the aforementioned supply chain disruptions, global oil output shrinking, and a struggling economy thanks to the pandemic, America could be in for some tough times ahead.

“While we understand that global supply chain disruptions and demand shocks related to the COVID-19 pandemic have influenced domestic prices, we are deeply concerned that the Administration’s anti-fossil fuel agenda is significantly contributing to higher bills for American families and businesses,” the Republicans added in the letter.

Dire predictions

Winter is already routinely unfair to many parts of America that experience cold winters more often than not, but a new government report added increased concern to the outlook for this upcoming winter, as it revealed that heating costs are expected to jump 54%.

Making matters worse, if the country does experience a harsh winter in the sense that temperatures are roughly 10% colder than normal, heating costs could blow up to a staggering 94% increase.

It’s also not a secret that gasoline prices have surged since Biden took office, with the average price hitting a record-setting $3.31 per gallon last week.

If this crisis has any kind of silver lining, it will be yet another awakening for millions of Americans who might have voted for Biden, but now regret it, as America didn’t have these problems when former President Donald Trump was in the White House.

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