'Compromised' Biden leading U.S. to disaster, says Air Force general

 March 20, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

With a presidential administration well-known to have been compromised by foreign adversaries – especially China – is America on the brink of disaster?

WND asked that question to Brigadier Gen. Blaine "Blaino" Holt, USAF-Ret., who served as the deputy U.S. military representative to NATO and is co-founder of the nonprofit Restore Liberty.

Holt fears the worst under President Joe Biden’s leadership, saying the evidence of betrayal is undeniable. "It's not statistically possible for an administration to make 100 percent of its decisions counter to United States interests without some other factor at play."

"If Americans want to know what that factor is," said Holt, "start watching what Congressman Comer is doing in his oversight committee."

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., is chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. And according to Holt, "Every single day, he is peeling back the onion on the Chinese compromise of this administration."

Thus, in a March 14 press release, Comer announced "a government-wide investigation into the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) ongoing efforts to target, influence, and infiltrate every sector and community in the United States, including but not limited to America’s education, agriculture, critical infrastructure, research, energy, business, space, and technology sectors."

"In every area," Holt stressed, "the Chinese are not only making deals favorable to the Chinese and their interests but also to second and third-order interests." These include Russia and Iran, he explained. "And if you look through that prism, things start to explain themselves."

"For example, we're not going to take Iran to task on anything, because we'd be messing with China's oil supplier," Holt told WND. "That’s why we're doing nothing more than throwing rocks at the [Iranian-backed] Houthis instead of just ending them." Thus, explains Holt, Chinese interests are being protected.

"We also have a wide-open southern border that compromises American security," he added. "Fentanyl is killing the country, but once again, it's the Chinese alliance with the cartels that makes China off limits."

"When you look at these incompetencies or malevolencies, is this administration doing anything that's not helpful to Chinese interests?" Holt asked. "The only saving grace we have is that the Chinese regime seems to be coming down under its own weight economically."

"But their own problems won't change their long-term strategic goals, regardless of what's happening domestically for them," he said. "They still have Russia, Iran, and North Korea continuing to be a menace to the world while they plot to destroy America as we know it."

Citing U.S. capitulation to the Chinese regime and "American weakness" around the world, Holt told WND, "no national security team has ever gone 0 out of 100." And all the while, he said, "Fighting-age men are dwelling among us in three tiers." The tiers include migrants, terrorists, and state actors like the People's Liberation Army, he said.

"Most Americans live in this little bubble where they think that all of our overseas problems stay overseas, and wars stay overseas," Holt concluded, adding a warning:

"They think these kinds of things won’t visit us here, but there is something brewing at home and it’ll take many by surprise."

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