Study: Common painkiller increases risk of stroke and heart attack – by 50 percent

While we all know the dangers of opioids, a new study reveals the danger of an over-the-counter painkiller and has many people pushing the panic button.

According to the study, diclofenac, also sold in the U.S. as Solaraze and Volatren, puts anyone taking it at a significantly higher likelihood of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

The Study

This was not some random study done within a limited control group.

The study used a sample of more than six million current users of the pain medication.

The findings of the study should be very eye-opening as to the dangers of pills people take every day.

In this case, people using it are 50 percent more likely to suffer cardiac problems when they take the medicine than those not taking the painkiller.

In addition to cardiac problems, users were also more prone to gastrointestinal bleeding than if they used other painkillers.

The study started more than a decade ago, with patients ranging the average age mean of 46 to 49.

Startling Numbers

One of the more alarming findings was the likelihood of low-risk patients having problems.

Those taking diclofenac had an average of one more heart attack than those who only took ibuprofen,

When they compared these patients to those taking paracetamol, they had an average of three more heart attacks or strokes.

More Natural Solutions

We have become a pill-first society in terms of medical solutions.

However, the dangers of long-term use of many of these over-the-counter drugs are finally being realized, which is why many people are starting to explore more natural solutions.

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For example, beet powder and sour cherry juice are used by many athletes for muscle recovery, pain, and inflammation.

While this may not work for everyone, some of the most prominent endurance athletes in the world are using it, so it might be worth a try rather than continue risking your heart health for the ease of popping a pill.

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