House Judiciary Committee votes to advance articles of impeachment

The House impeachment process continues to barrel onwards, in the same partisan fashion that Americans have come to expect from the Democrats.

On Friday, in a strictly party-line vote, the House Judiciary Committee voted to move the two articles of impeachment forward to the full House for debate and a vote.

The partisan impeachment

To remove a president, you would expect to have at least some support from the party of the individual being impeached.

After all, if the offenses allegedly committed by the president are so grave, there should be some party members willing to cross the aisle, right? Over the last month, though, Democrats have failed to move a single House Republican.

Instead, they have shown an investigation that went on well beyond where it should have gone. We also have a House that has refused to let court cases play out but has instead charged the president for obstruction of Congress prematurely.

If Trump had lost his court cases and still refused to turn over documents, such a move would be understandable, but that is not what has happened here.

Because of all these factors, the bipartisan impeachment Pelosi promised the country has not materialized.

Moving forward

Now that the articles of impeachment have left the committee phase, the full House will review them next week. Over the course of the coming days, these articles will be debated, and by the end of the week, a vote is expected to take place.

And, make no mistake about this, win or lose, it is going to be embarrassing for Democrats. We know for a fact that at least two Democrats will vote in opposition to impeachment.

There are also at least a dozen other Democrats questioning whether they will vote yes for fear of repercussion from their constituents. If all of them were to vote no, the impeachment only needs a few more Democrats to cross the aisle to defeat it.

If only half of those members vote no, it will still be a profound embarrassment, because Democrats will have failed to even sway the entirety of their own party.

When you consider that all but two Democrats voted for the inquiry in the first place, any further defections will mean that the hearings only served to weaken the case against the president. Yet, Pelosi is still moving forward because her own power is far more important to her than justice.

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