House Oversight Committee seeks documents and testimony from former Serbian official linked to Biden family business deals with China

House Republicans promised ahead of the midterm elections to investigate President Joe Biden’s family for alleged corruption and influence peddling, and they have already begun to make good on that vow since taking the majority in January.

The House Oversight Committee just sent a letter to a former Serbian politician who was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese energy firm that asked him to participate in a transcribed interview, the Conservative Brief reported.

In addition to his testimony, the House Oversight Committee Republicans are also seeking documents in that former Serbian politician’s possession that may be related to members of the Biden family, certain Biden family associates, and former officials of the now state-run Chinese energy firm formally known as CEFC.

Documents and testimony sought from former Biden family associate

Just the News reported that the letter written by House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) was addressed to Vuk Jeremic, a former Serbian politician who also once served as president of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to the five-page letter, the committee “is investigating President Biden’s connections to certain international and domestic business transactions and practices, including his family and associates who peddled influence to generate millions of dollars for the Biden family.”

It was noted that Jeremic had testified in the 2018 federal prosecution of Patrick Ho, a former top executive with China’s CEFC and business associate of Hunter Biden who was convicted of “international bribery and money laundering,” and that Jeremic was believed to be in possession of “records and information related to the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.”

“The Committee requests you schedule a transcribed interview with Committee staff and produce certain documents related to CEFC, Robert Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their business associates,” Chairman Comer wrote.

The letter to Jeremic proceeded to provide several examples from the former official’s own testimony during Ho’s 2018 trial that bolstered the belief that he possessed relevant documents and information regarding the relationship between the Biden family and its associates with Ho and others at CEFC.

Comer set a date of March 7 for Jeremic to respond to the request for the transcribed interview and “all documents and communications” related to the Biden family and their associates, CEFC and its associates, and whether the Justice Department had redacted Hunter Biden’s name from evidence submitted during Ho’s trial.

The Biden Family Investigation

The Oversight Committee shared the letter in a press release and stated that it “is requesting documents and information from key witnesses to assist in investigating President Biden’s role in his family’s foreign business deals and to determine whether has compromised national security. Additionally, the Committee will examine drafting legislation to strengthen federal ethics laws regarding public officials and their families.”

Separately, the committee has said more broadly of its “Biden Family Investigation” that it is “investigating the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings to determine whether these activities compromise U.S. national security and President Biden’s ability to lead with impartiality. Members of the Biden family have a pattern of peddling access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves, often to the detriment of U.S. interests.”

“We are committed to following the Biden family and associates’ money trail — consisting of many complex, international transactions worth millions of dollars — and providing answers to the American people,” the committee added. “The American people deserve to know whether the President’s connections to his family’s business deals occurred at the expense of American interests and whether they represent a national security threat.”

Is Joe Biden “compromised” by his family’s foreign business dealings?

“Evidence obtained by Committee Republicans reveals Joe Biden lied to the American people about his involvement in his family’s business schemes,” Chairman Comer said in a statement about the ongoing probe. “The Biden family business model is built on Joe Biden’s political career and connections with Joe Biden as the ‘chairman of the board.’ Biden family members sold access for profit around the world to the detriment of American interests.”

“If President Biden is compromised by deals with foreign adversaries and they are impacting his decision making, this is a threat to national security,” the Kentucky congressman added. “The American people deserve transparency and accountability about the Biden family’s influence peddling. With the new Republican majority, Oversight Committee Republicans will continue pressing for answers to inform legislative solutions to prevent this abuse of power.”

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