Democrat committee chair resigns after harassment trial

Another Democrat has been caught up in the ugly harassment and corruption web.

Chairman of the King County Democrats Baily Stober was forced to resign for bullying and harassing a former employee as well as mismanaging party funds.

Time Has Come

After stepping down from his role as the chair, Stober issued the standard denial.

Stober stated, “Many of the allegations against me are untrue.”

He then stunned everyone by actually admitting that some of the allegations are true.

Mr. Stober acknowledged that his brand of politics is a thing of the past.

He stated, “It is clear my time as expired as one of your party’s leaders.”

The Allegations

Stober was ousted for allegedly harassing and bullying Natalie Koss Vallejo, among others.

Allegedly, Stober was forcing women to drink at gatherings and constantly making rude comments about their appearance.

The report also stated he would often use crude language when talking to the women.

Additionally, Stober has been accused of using party money to pay for his own personal expenses.

Among those allegations is Stober paying unrelated travel and entertainment expenses out of party funds.

Forced Resignation

Back in March, the board of the King County Democrats met and passed a motion to have a hearing regarding Stober and his conduct.

A closed-door hearing was held this past weekend and conducted just like a trial.

Both sides were able to present arguments as well as any evidence they wanted to offer to strengthen their case.

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While the hearing was closed-door, someone actually live-streamed the hearing so everyone could see exactly what was being done about Stober.

At the hearing’s conclusion, Stober was found guilty of five charges and forced to step down from his position in disgrace.

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