Political commentator David Frum attacks Trump’s health status

Political commentator David Frum attacked President Donald Trump’s physical health and fitness on Sunday during a CNN segment on Sunday, Mediaite reports.

Leftists declared conservatives deplorable for questioning Hillary Clinton’s health, but then they turn right around and body-shame the president. The attacks are both petty and hypocritical.

Unfit for office?

The left is willing to embrace any tactic to challenge the legitimacy of President Trump, and they are more than willing to make baseless attacks on Trump’s physical capabilities.

Frum said: “Donald Trump was the oldest president ever. One of the fattest presidents ever. The least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair.”

The comments came during a panel discussion about how politicians use social media to push their agenda.

“One of the things Donald Trump tried to spread in 2016 was the idea that Hillary Clinton was somehow physically incapable of managing the presidency. I mean, it’s audacious,” Frum said.

These claims are completely baseless, because while Trump certainly is a larger individual, standing at 6 foot 3 inches, there is little reason to question his abilities.

In fact, the results of Trump’s most recent official physical were released in early February, and after examination by 11 specialists, it was concluded that the president is in “very good health overall.”

Beyond petty

Questions around Trump’s health are simply a way for frustrated leftists to pretend that the president is unfit for office.

Trump is someone who is healthy and vigorous in spite of some of his admittedly unhealthy habits, including his very American affinity for fast food.

However, Trump has never exhibited the obviously problematic health issues that were well-documented during Clinton’s campaign.

Not only is Trump in good physical health, but he is also in good mental health as well. But the facts likely won’t stop the absurd attacks.

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