Former commander of British forces in Afghanistan: Biden ‘should be court-martialed’ over botched withdrawal

The former commander of British military forces in Afghanistan thinks President Joe Biden ought to be court-martialed for his failure to ensure a safe and efficient withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

According to Fox News, Col. Richard Kemp, CBE, told host Mark Levin on Sunday’s episode of Life, Liberty & Levin that Biden should face accountability for, in his words, “betraying the United States of America and the United States’ armed forces.”

Impeachment isn’t enough

During the Sunday segment, Kemp noted that there are members of Congress who have suggested that Biden should be impeached over the Afghanistan fiasco, which resulted in the Taliban’s seizure of the country as well as American military gear and weaponry, and left thousands of Americans being stuck behind enemy lines.

But according to Kemp, impeachment isn’t enough.

“I don’t say this lightly and I’ve never said it about anybody else — any other leader in this position,” Kemp told Levin, according to Fox. “People have been talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t believe President Biden should be impeached.”

Rather, Kemp said the U.S. president should face trial in military court.

“He’s the commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces who’s just essentially surrendered to the Taliban: He shouldn’t be impeached,” Kemp said of Biden, according to Fox. “He should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States armed forces.”

“Absolutely devastating”

Kemp also highlighted in his Fox interview the gravity of the situation that the world faces with the Taliban now in control of Afghanistan.

According to Kemp, America’s enemies, including China and Russia, are looking to capitalize on the situation. In fact, both have already effectively recognized the Taliban as the new leader of Afghanistan, part of what Kemp described as a plan to profit off of the situation.

“The whole world just became vastly more dangerous” as a result of Biden ceding Afghanistan to the Taliban, Kemp said, according to Fox.

“I think the consequences of what’s just happened and what’s still happening are absolutely devastating for the whole of the Western world,” he added.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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