Report: Comey’s FBI withheld proof of innocence in Russian probe

Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare is coming true.

After pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative for more than two years, new information has come out that will be devastating to the House Speaker.

FBI surveillance abuse

The FBI reportedly had evidence of the innocence of both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos but withheld it and moved forward with the Russia investigation anyway.

According to a report by The Hill‘s John Solomon, both Trump advisers made “exculpatory statements” during the very early stages of the investigation. The FBI, however, disregarded these statements and continued on with the investigation.

The common link between Page and Papadopoulos is Stefan Halper, who was reportedly working as an undercover agent for the FBI. Page met Halper at his farm in northern Virginia in August 2016. In September 2016, a month later, Papadopoulos was paid to present a paper on foreign policy to Halper.

The report maintains even the arrangement of these meetings by the FBI violated FISA guidelines.

We already know the FBI used the Steele dossier to an extent to justify the warrants. We also know that dossier was debunked by Comey himself.

Apparently, the information obtained by Halper provided additional evidence to justify the warrants. However, both Page and Papadopoulos tell a far different story than what was portrayed by Halper during those meetings.

Page, Papadopoulos maintain innocence

At the time of the Page meeting, he was being hammered by the media about his alleged meeting with Russian intel individuals. According to Page, “I’m certain that nothing I said that day at the professor’s farm could be deemed as anything other than exculpatory.”

Page added, “Contrary to the DNC’s false reports, I have never met with those Russians, and I did not know of any effort to coordinate, collude, or conspire with Russia. Period.” Additionally, Page sent a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey expressing much the same sentiment.

Papadopoulos stated that during the second day of his visit with Halper, the conversation went from the focus of the paper to collusion between Trump and the Russians. While talking to Halper, Papadopoulos maintains he made it clear “there never was a conspiracy and no one was colluding with a foreign power, especially Russia.”

The problem, though, is none of this information was included in the FBI report. In essence, the agency omitted key information that could have stopped this investigation right at the beginning. If this is the case, Comey and everyone involved to that point should be brought back and put on the hot seat to explain why this information was not presented to the FISA courts.

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