James Comey tweets false information about government shutdown

Either James Comey doesn’t know how the FBI’s payroll works, or he’s telling yet another lie.

With the government in a partial government shutdown this weekend, former FBI director James Comey claimed on Sunday that FBI employees won’t be getting paid this Christmas.

“Innocent people are now paying the price of another lie,” he said, referring to Trump’s promises of Mexico paying for the wall. A conservative journalist stepped in and explained why Comey’s claim was wrong.

Comey spreads lies about shutdown

The government entered a shutdown on Saturday after Democrats, led by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), refused to cooperate on a common-sense, bipartisan deal to keep the government open and fund the wall. The mainstream media has been building hysteria about the impact of the shutdown in hopes of making President Donald Trump look bad for asking for a sliver of the federal budget — $5 billion out of trillions of dollars — to fulfill his central campaign promise.

Not one to sit out the radical left’s 10 minutes of hate, Comey dinged president Trump for his “lie” that Mexico would pay for the wall and spread a lie of his own about the shutdown.

“FBI families will spend Christmas without a paycheck. This president promised Mexico would pay for the wall but innocent people are now paying the price for another lie. Our thoughts are with hardworking public servants and their families,” Comey wrote.

Conservative fact-checks Comey

A writer for the Federalist, Gabriel Malor, explained to Comey in replies that FBI employees will be receiving their salaries for the final pay period of the year. Only their pay starting on December 23 — the beginning of the first payroll period of the new year — will be withheld until the shutdown ends, at which point they will receive their money.

Gabriel Manor noted that pay for Dec. 9 through Dec. 22 has already been allocated, and inserted a link to the Office of Management and Budget’s website which explains how the payroll works for federal employees.

“It’s like Democrats have suddenly forgot how payroll works,” Manor said. “You get paid for the LAST pay period’s work, folks.”

Know-nothing FBI director

As the Daily Wire noted, Comey was FBI director during a shutdown in 2013.

It might be surprising that Comey knows nothing about how his own former employees are paid, but that’s not his only oversight. In closed-door testimony this month, Comey avoided answering more than 200 hundred questions about the Clinton email and Trump-Russia collusion investigations.

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The former FBI director denied knowing anything about the infamous Christopher Steele dossier or even verifying it before his agency pursued warrants using it to spy on the Trump campaign.

As insufferable as ever, Comey has been on an anti-Trump tear lately, unhinged even by his standards. He should get his facts straight before accusing others of lying.

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