Fmr. FBI Director Comey says he would still be FBI director if Hillary had won

The more Comey talks, the more he justifies his firing.

During a recent appearance at George Washington University, Comey may have tipped his hand as to why he let Hillary off the hook, stating, “I think I would still be the FBI Director” had Hillary won the election.

Investigations with an Agenda

It is not often the outcome of an investigation is made before the suspect is interviewed.

But that is exactly what happened in the Hillary case.

Months before the FBI ever interviewed Hillary, Comey started working on his draft to make his announcement no indictment would be made against the presidential candidate.

Comey has even stated he was operating his agency on the premise that Hillary was going to win the election.

What he should have said was that he was operating his agency on the hopes that Hillary was going to win the election.

Hidden Shot at Trump

In his explanation as to why he would still be the FBI Director had Hillary won, Comey managed to take a veiled shot at Trump.

See if you can pick it up…

By saying Hillary was “deeply enmeshed in the rule of law, respect for institutions, a lawyer,” Comey was insinuating Trump has no respect for the law, nor does he respect the institutions of law.

Mind you, he was saying these things about a woman who was using a pay-to-play scheme will serving as Secretary of State.

He was also describing a woman that hid behind the position of her husband to threaten women Bill Clinton had allegedly abused.

President Trump has shown nothing but respect for the law and for our law enforcement institutions.

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What he has shown a lack of respect for is the people that were entrusted to run these institutions and either abused their power or neglected to do their duties.

And that, Mr. Comey, is exactly someone you have proven to be.

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