Trey Gowdy says the Comey memos exonerate Trump

Trey Gowdy just made an announcement that shocked everyone more so than his retirement from politics.

After seeing James Comey’s private memos, Gowdy stated they exonerate Trump from obstruction of justice charges.

Defense Exhibit A

While Democrats and liberals in general have been clamoring for Trump to be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice, their very own voice in this matter may end up being Trump’s biggest ally.

Representative Trey Gowdy, unlike many other members of Congress, has actually read through the memos.

Comey has been demanding the memos be released to prove his case against the President.

In addition, Democrats in office have been trying to tell everyone these memos would prove definitively the memos would bury Trump.

Gowdy believes the complete opposite.

Rep. Gowdy stated, “I’ve seen these memos that Comey wrote and if Trump’s ever charged with obstruction of justice, these Comey memos are his No. 1 exhibit in the defense against the charge of obstruction of justice.”

In fact, Gowdy wants the memos released not only to all of Congress, but also the public.

Sad to See Him Go

For conservatives, Gowdy has been the voice of reason virtually from the first day he took his seat in Congress.

Unlike most politicians who simply like to hear their own voice, Gowdy was actually committed to making a difference.

Actually, it is the fact that he has become so frustrated with the lack of action that has more than likely caused him to leave office.

The frustration for Gowdy has been been mounting for years.

You could hear the frustration in his post-committee investigations in both the Benghazi case and the Clinton email scandal.

Most recently, he openly admitted congressional hearings are completely useless.

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Due to the leaks and blocking of information being handed over, Gowdy says these hearings cannot be taken “seriously.”

You will definitely be missed Mr. Gowdy.

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