Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray says Comey is ‘coming unhinged’

While Comey is going the talk show circuit to promote his new book, people are starting to notice something.

Former Independent Counsel for the Whitewater case, Robert Ray, noticed that Comey is becoming “unhinged” during his interviews.

The Tour

The appearances for former FBI Director James Comey have been stacked up for more than a week.

The timing, however, could not be worse.

You see, with former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in the news for his “lack of candor,” that seems to be taking up most of Comey’s air time.


McCabe was fired only days before his retirement benefits kicked in.

Comey was among the first to defend McCabe, calling Trump every name in the book for allowing this to happen.

Now, McCabe’s case has been sent to federal prosecutors by the Inspector General.

With Comey having voiced his support for McCabe, people are now looking for answers.

Comey, in fact, has openly admitted on national TV that both he and McCabe lied at times while being questioned.

The former FBI director tried to play it off, saying even good people lie at times, but for a purpose.

Now, Comey is trying to deflect and taking shot after shot at President Trump.

Comey losing his cool serves several purposes, though.

Just about every talking head on the liberal side of the aisle have literally called Trump “unhinged” when he criticizes a Democrat.

By their very own definition, then, is Comey not becoming unhinged?

Comey is also proving to the world that he did in fact have an agenda while holding the Director position.

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This is something that is truly unforgivable for someone at the head of one of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the world.

Keep talking Mr. Comey… because all you are doing is making our case for us.

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