James Comey ally predicts McCabe indictment imminent

On Monday, a New York Times story about the case against Andrew McCabe shook the entire country.

Benjamin Wittes, who is a close confidant of former FBI Director James Comey, stated that the reason a flurry of meetings recently took place is that we can expect to see “charges against McCabe to be forthcoming any day.”

Indictment is Imminent

For several days now, there have been reported meetings between the DOJ and McCabe’s attorneys. Generally, when meetings such as this are happening, the “meetings” are actually negotiations.

According to the report, Andrew McCabe’s lawyers met with deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who is involved with deciding whether McCabe will be prosecuted or not.

What is more than likely taking place is that McCabe’s attorneys are making their case to NOT have McCabe indicted.

Opinions vary on if McCabe’s actions were criminal, but there is little doubt to the fact that at the very least, he stepped over some lines.

That was made quite clear when the inspector general released his report on the McCabe firing. In that report, the inspector general said McCabe was “lacking candor” while testifying under oath. In other words, he lied.

The Presidential Coup

McCabe is believed to be one of the key players in the alleged “coup” against President Trump. Former FBI Director James Comey also played a significant role in the plot against Trump. The origins of the Russian investigation are believed to be at the root of the coup.

Comey and his alleged co-conspirators initiated the investigation into Trump to have him removed from office, even though the actual “proof” of the collusion was based on a report that was debunked by James Comey himself.

That same report was also used to secure FISA warrants against Trump associates in the early stages of the investigation.

To this point, McCabe has been loyal to Comey, but that could change rather quickly if he is facing an indictment on his own. Most Trump supporters would agree that sacrificing McCabe to get Comey behind bars would be more than acceptable.

So, if McCabe does get indicted and starts singing, we may get to see one of the people we all want to see behind bars finally face justice. Now if we can get some accountability in regard to Hillary Clinton, all will be right with the world.

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