Bill Clinton’s former lawyer: James Comey is a lying narcissist

James Comey is finally being exposed for what he really is… a liar.

Attorney Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton ally and insider, stated, “Mr. Comey is lying when he said he was ‘obligated’ to write that letter because he promised Congress.”

Attention Seeker

For most conservatives, it was very apparent early on that James Comey had a political agenda when he was the Director of the FBI.

Now, ousted from public service, Comey is determined to keep his name in the headlines at any cost.

Comey is now out touting his new book, much of which appears to be nothing more than a hit piece against President Trump.

In order to make him a more attractive guest on shows, it would appear as though Comey is more than willing to stretch the truth a bit.

Liar, Liar

Davis pointed to a comment Comey made about why the investigation into Hillary Clinton was re-opened late in the presidential investigation.

Comey previously told congressional leaders he would “look at” new evidence if any came in.

However, he says in his book that he was “obligated” to re-open the probe into Hillary’s email scandal because he promised Congress he would do so.

There is a BIG difference in saying you will look at evidence versus re-opening an FBI investigation.

Why So Quick?

At the time the investigation was re-opened, the reason was the FBI had come into possession of a new batch of classified documents.

The investigation was wrapped up about a week later, leaving many to wonder if the investigation was politically motivated one way or the other.

As it turned out, the “new” documents received were actually duplicate files of information the FBI already had in its possession.

Comey, less than two weeks after re-opening the investigation, would close it again on November 6.

Of course, Hillary blamed the re-opening of the investigation as one of the reasons for her loss in the election.

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Nobody believed Comey was telling the truth then, and we sure don’t believe him now.

One thing we do know, though, is Trump definitely made the right decision in terminating him because he is proving now more than ever that he has always had a personal agenda.

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