Comer says Obama knew about the Biden family's business

May 14, 2023
Robert Ayers

U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) believes that former President Barrack Obama more than likely knew about the Biden family's dealings with enemies of the United States.  

Comer indicated as much on Friday during an appearance on the Great America Show with Lou Dobbs.

Comer, as head of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, is leading an investigation into the Biden family's international business dealings.

Comer spoke with Dobbs about the committee's recent discovery that members of the Biden family received upwards of $10 million from various foreign entities. And, it was while speaking about this that Comer alleged, essentially, that Obama had to know what Biden was up to.

"He knew"

During the interview, Comer came right out and said that he believes Obama "knew what Joe Biden was doing the last year of his vice presidency."

Comer continued:

He knew his son [Hunter Biden] was no good, and he knew this was nothing but a political liability not just for our country, not just for the Democrat Party, but for Obama’s legacy, because a lot of this happened during the Obama administration."

Comer went on to allege that this whole situation likely had something to do with Obama's opposition to Biden's presidential candidacy in 2020.

Comer said:

So, I think that’s why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. I think they knew about this. And remember, a lot of these coverups would have happened during the Obama administration with Obama appointees in these deep state bureaucracies.

Comer concluded by challenging a reporter to ask Obama, "Were you aware of what was going on with Joe Biden with respect to foreign policy and some of these ragtag countries around the world?"


Last week, the Oversight Committee released an interim report alleging that members of Biden's family received over $10 million from various foreign entities, including China and Romania.

Comer and the Republicans appear to believe that this was all part of an influence-peddling scheme that Joe Biden was a part of. Biden was vice president during the time that some of the payments were made.

"I don't think anyone in America who's watching C-SPAN or any other network covering this would think that it's just a coincidence that nine Biden family members have received money for this influence-peddling scheme," Comer said.

White House spokesman Ian Sams countered by claiming that Comer has offered "no evidence of any wrongdoing" - that "House Republicans have shown no evidence of any policy decisions influenced by anything other than U.S. national interests."

Comer and House Republicans' investigation of the Biden family continues.

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