House Oversight Chairman Comer says Hunter Biden attorneys attempting to intimidate witnesses, whistleblowers

May 2, 2023
Ben Marquis

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee has been investigating Hunter Biden's dubious foreign business dealings and apparent influence-peddling in relation to his father, President Joe Biden, and whether the Biden family's alleged enrichment from foreign sources presents conflicts of interest or threaten national security.

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) asserted during a Monday interview that Hunter Biden's team of attorneys were bordering on "witness intimidation" with regard to individuals who've testified to the committee, whether cooperatively or under subpoena, the Daily Caller reported.

The chairman also alleged that Democrat-aligned "dark money groups" were also attempting -- unsuccessfully -- to similarly intimidate himself and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is also overseeing separate investigations of the Biden family.

"This is really close to crossing the line"

During an appearance Monday on Fox News with host Sandra Smith, Chairman Comer was asked about recent allegations he had made about witness intimidation on the part of Hunter Biden's attorneys.

"In communication with our witnesses and with people who are cooperating from a subpoena standpoint, we know that they have been contacted by the attorneys for Hunter Biden," Comer said. "We feel that this is really close to crossing the line. Obviously, their objective, in my opinion, is witness intimidation. This will not stand. We are going to continue to press forward."

When Smith pressed her guest on whether he had any "hard evidence" to support that claim, the chairman replied, "It depends on your definition of intimidation," but then explained, "If you get a call from the lawyers and they remind you of your potential liability in some of these business schemes then yes, I would consider that witness intimidation."

Seeking DOJ immunity for witnesses and whistleblowers

According to Mediaite, Smith continued to press Chairman Comer on the witness intimidation allegation and asked, "Why wouldn’t you show the goods from that? Why wouldn’t you just -- why wouldn't you get protection for those witnesses, get protection from those whistleblowers? Can Congress do that so that you can come forward with this evidence?"

"No, but we’re going to ask for immunity for some moving forward. I think that’s going to be the next big deal that we take," he replied, and stated further that "hopefully, the Department of Justice and Merrick Garland, the attorney general, will grant immunity. This is a major investigation."

"We plan on, within the next 7 to 10 days, having a public press conference to give the press and the American people the facts that we have uncovered thus far," Comer announced. "And then we’ll take it to the next step. I know there are many people that are coming forward now. We’ve seen this with the IRS whistleblower. I think you’re going to see a few more in the coming days and weeks."

"Dark money groups" trying to intimidate Comer and Jordan

Fox News host Smith also asked Chairman Comer about his allegations of Democrat-financed "dark money groups" and Democrat-linked attorneys applying pressure to both him and Chairman Jordan as well as the banks and financial institutions that have cooperated with the House GOP investigations thus far.

Comer declined to provide specific examples but said, "The message is sent very loud and clear that this legal team needs to be very careful moving forward. They have dark money groups that are trying to intimidate both me and Chairman Jim Jordan of Judiciary. This isn’t helping their cause any. They are not intimidating us. We are going to press forward with the facts and present the facts to the American people and then we’ll go from there."

"I'm seeing a lot of things out of the Biden attorneys, this level of arrogance, they believe because they've represented both Republicans and Democrats in times of need that they can come in and someone like me is just going to bow down and let them get away with what they've always gotten away with, and that's not the case. I don't care," he continued.

Comer added, "In the coming days and weeks, a lot of information is going to come forward that's going to tell a very compelling story to the American people about the extent of this family's influence peddling."

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