“Comedian” Wanda Sykes attacks Ivanka Trump

The attack against the First Family continues by Hollywood liberals.

This week, comedian Wanda Sykes went on a disgusting rant about Ivanka Trump, dropping an F-bomb on the first daughter.

More Fallout from Immigration

The zero-tolerance immigration policy has created a wave of hostility towards the Trump Administration and anyone associated with it.

Earlier in the week, the DHS Secretary was forced to exit a DC restaurant under the watchful eye of her security detail.

Then, First Lady Melania Trump was attacked by Kathy Griffin.

Yes, the same Kathy Griffin that found herself the subject of a Secret Service investigation after she held up a faux severed head of the president.

Robert De Niro decided to throw a few jabs at the president himself while making an appearance in Canada.

He took it upon himself to apologize for the “behavior” of Trump, calling it both embarrassing and disgusting.

De Niro also made headlines when he dropped an F-bomb at the Tony Awards.

Going After Ivanka

President Trump signed an executive order this week to allow immigrant families to stay together during processing.

The decision to do so came after several high-ranking GOP members made it known they wanted this to happen due to the bad optics.

His own wife, Melania, actually made a statement asking him to govern with heart.

Then, after he signed the order and Ivanka thanked him publicly, Sykes ripped into her.

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This is just proof-positive there is nothing we will ever be able to do to make these liberals happy.

Trump gave them what they wanted, yet they still attack him and everyone in his family with these disgusting public rants.

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