Comedian George Lopez uses Barron Trump to go after the president

In yet another display of classless anti-Trumpism, a Hollywood entertainer is using the president’s son to score political points.

When asked if using Barron Trump as an example of an “anchor baby” was fair game, George Lopez said that all Trump’s kids are fair game, including the 13-year-old.

Anchor Babies

Lopez’s words are about as empty as his head. At the root of his complaint is the claim that Trump’s kids are all anchor babies.

This a term used for children that immigrant parents have in their new country as a way to gain citizenship in this country.

Regardless of when and where Trump’s children were born, Lopez glosses over the fact both Ivana and Melania entered this country legally.

Lopez also tried to say Trump is purposefully targeting Hispanics, but that is also false. We have seen illegal immigrants come from numerous different countries via the southern border.

This is only about making the border secure, not picking on a specific nationality or group of people.

The Bogus Narrative

Lopez was also quick to blame this administration for the border facility “cages” where some immigrants are being held.

However, he neglected to mention the fact many of these facilities, including the cages, were built when Obama was in office.

Additionally, the child separation policy was enacted during the Bush administration and continued during Barack Obama’s presidency.

As Trump has himself cited many times, he inherited this mess, he did not create it.

Children used to be safe during political skirmishes, but those days are clearly over. Liberals, in their effort to get Trump removed from office, have put everything on the table, including attacking an innocent 13-year-old boy.

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