Comedian strips off clothing in middle of routine on live TV

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A stripping stunt by a man doing a comedy routine on live television at a London venue has cost him his position with a pro-LGBT children’s “charity.”

The Christian Institute explains it was the LGBT activist organization called Educate & Celebrate, which promotes LGBT ideology to school children, that removed Jordan Gray from its list of patrons.

It was during a recent Channel 4 program “Live” that Gray started out performing a piece with lewd lyrics when he suddenly said, “You know the best thing about live TV? I can do stupid stuff like this!”

He then ripped off his clothing to expose himself nude to the audience.

There was an immediate backlash with hundreds of consumer complaints, prompting the activist group to remove him.

The institute reported that during a 2016 interview, Gray said he had visited schools, claiming toddlers “kind of get” the radical ideology, and that it’s “good to educate these kids when they are young.”

The group said Gray, who presents himself as a woman, never had gone to schools as its patron.

The Daily Mail said critics of Gray’s on-screen performance labeled it “disgraceful” and “offensive.”

The broadcast watchdog Ofcom got more than 1,400 complaints.

That report noted that after the stunt, tickets for Gray’s show were going for a 70% discount.

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