Popular British comedian Gareth Richards dead at 41 following "serious brain injuries" suffered in March 27 car accident

April 9, 2023
Ben Marquis

A popular British comedian has died nearly two weeks after suffering severe injuries sustained in a terrible car accident on a major highway in the United Kingdom.

Comedian Gareth Richards, 41, passed away on Friday after he was removed from life support systems, according to his wife, the BBC reported.

He had suffered massive brain injuries during a wreck on March 27 that involved his vehicle and another car with a semi-truck pulling a trailer.

Decision made to "allow him to be at peace"

Deadline reported that Laura Richards, now the widow of Gareth, said in a statement on Saturday, "It is with great sadness that I have to share that Gareth passed away on Friday 7 April (Good Friday) at 6:30 pm."

"He was in a terrible car accident on Monday 27 March at 11:30 pm and sustained serious brain injuries. It was a miracle that he arrived at the hospital alive. Since then, the doctors and nurses have been incredible and have kept him in a stable and sedated condition," she continued. "However, the latest scan revealed that the extent of the damage was so severe that they would have to remove all of the supportive medications and allow him to be at peace."

In reference to the couple's sons, Richards said, "The boys are bearing up well. At the moment the grief is a lot to cope with. Thank you all for your support and kindness."

Per the BBC, she added, "There will be details of the funeral and other ways to remember Gareth to follow, as I know that he was well loved."

Police still investigating car accident

Sky News reported last week that British radio host Frank Skinner, with whom Gareth Richards used to co-host and was still a regular guest, nearly broke down in tears on his program as he shared the somber prognosis of the unlikelihood that his friend would recover from the injuries sustained in the "very big road accident" he had been involved in days earlier.

"And Gareth was in a very big road accident this week and ... it's not looking great for Gareth," Skinner told his listeners. "He's in hospital and he's fighting but it's not looking great and I didn't want to do this show -- we didn't want to do this show without mentioning him."

The radio host added of his friend and former co-host, "He's a fantastic bloke and I dunno if any of you do pray, if you do give one for Gareth this week."

Sky News further reported at that time that the Metropolitan Police were still investigating the terrible accident on the M25 highway near Heathrow Airport that had left Richards in "life-threatening condition" and had issued a public call for any witnesses of the crash, particularly those who may have dashcam footage, to turn over any such information to help aid investigators.

Former co-host dedicates Sunday show to memory of late comedian

The U.K. Independent reported that there was an outpouring of messages of condolences and support for Richards and his family from his friends and colleagues in the British comedy circuit.

Deadline noted that Skinner made his Sunday show a tribute to Richards that "features Gareth’s best bits but you are allowed to cry but you have to laugh as well, I think he would have insisted on that."

"There’s been lots of beautiful messages about Gareth and his family have been very kind to us and kept us informed about the details of his struggle but look, Gareth didn’t make it," he said to start the program. "Gareth didn’t make it and we will miss him intensely. He was a very kind, gentle, funny, fascinating man and I can’t believe that he …"

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