Columnist says Fox News must fire Kimberly Guilfoyle for her relationship with Donald Trump Jr.

A New York Daily News columnist is calling for the head of Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle.

According to Linda Stasi, Guilfoyle should be fired for her relationship with Donald Jr.

Gossip or News?

Sadly, Stasi’s column was filed under “U.S. News” rather than “Gossip.”

But she does not make one valid point in her thrashing of the Fox News personality.

However, she does make it very clear she has an axe to grind with not only Fox News, but also the Trumps.


The main reasoning behind Stasi’s outrage is the fact that Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle are allegedly involved in a relationship.

Her claim is that since the two are having “sleepovers,” there is no way Guilfoyle can be neutral about our current political world.

She makes unfounded after unfounded allegation against Trump, both Sr. and Jr., as well as Guilfoyle.

That is not news, folks — that is gossip.

Attacking Guilfoyle

Guilfoyle may just want to pursue a legal battle on this one.

Stasi not only attacks her professional integrity, but rips into her personal life throughout the column.

Guilfoyle has on more than on occasion voiced her displeasure with something the president has done or said.

So Stasi’s argument that she cannot remain neutral is nonsense.

The attacks on the Fox News star personally, though, are unforgivable.

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Guilfoyle’s personal life is just that — personal, and none of Stasi’s business.

As long as Guilfoyle continues to handle herself in a professional manner (something Stasi is obviously incapable of doing) there is absolutely no reason for Guilfoyle to be removed from her spot on Fox News. Don’t you agree?

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