Columnist argues Dems are using COVID and Monkeypox to create a state of panic heading into the midterms

Remember how the Democrats used widespread fear about the COVID pandemic to change election rules, in their favor, ahead of the 2020 election?

Stephen Kruiser of PJ Media is arguing that the Democrats are doing it again ahead of this year’s midterm elections, except, this time, Kruiser argues that they are using both the COVID pandemic as well as the monkeypox outbreak. 

Kruiser made his case in the article Justi in Time for the Midterms: Phantom COVID and Monkeypox Panic!

COVID’s not working anymore

Kruiser starts off his article by recalling how the Democrats used the COVID pandemic to their advantage in the 2020 elections. Then, he shows how the Democrats are trying to do the same thing, once again, ahead of this year’s midterms.

The problem, though, as Kruiser points out, is that “people have reached peak COVID panic weariness.” Meaning that the attempt to use fear to produce COVID panic just isn’t working anymore.

Why isn’t it working? For many reasons, including that the latest variant of COVID just isn’t as deadly as the earlier variants.

But, the bottom line is that it’s just not as easy for Democrats to produce COVID panic anymore, which is exactly why, according to Kruiser, they are turning to a new outbreak, namely, monkeypox.

Enter monkeypox

Kruiser points out that the Democrats are now trying to use the monkeypox outbreak in order to try to produce panic ahead of the midterm elections. He cites as evidence the declaring, in many places, of monkeypox to be a public health emergency.

Democrats are making this push, as Kruiser points out, despite the fact that the evidence shows that monkeypox is largely an illness that is being spread, almost exclusively, among gay men.

Kruiser argues that the fact the Democrats are doing so shows just how desperate they are ahead of the midterms.

He writes:

. . . the Dems will try to use monkeypox panic to “force absentee voting in November.” They know they have no chance of avoiding electoral slaughter in the midterms unless they fire up the Magic Mail-In Ballot machine so that Democrat votes appear out of the ether on election night and in the days following.

We’ll see if Kruiser turns out to be right. It certainly seems as if we have seen this movie before.

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