Columbine survivor found dead in Colorado home

One of the most prominent survivors of the 1999 Columbine school shooting is now dead.

Austin Eubanks, 37, was reportedly found dead at his Steamboat Springs home this weekend.

Tragedy Continued after Shooting

With an experience such as this, we could only hope a survivor’s pain and suffering would end after the burial of friends and the healing of wounds.

Those wounds, however, were at the root of the ongoing problem for Eubanks. During the attack, Eubanks was huddled with his best friend, Corey DePooter, in the school library.

Eubanks survived, although he was shot in the hand and knee. DePooter did not make it out of the school alive that day, however. He was killed, along with 11 other classmates and a teacher.

Eubanks was given painkillers during his recovery, which he eventually became addicted to. He cited the fact that pills not only dulled the pain from his wounds, but also the emotional pain he felt from losing his friends.

Turning the Page

In recent years, Eubanks appeared to not only kick the addiction, but also worked hard as an advocate to help others that have become addicted to prescription drugs.

After his own recovery was complete, he left that other life behind. He returned to school to submerge himself in the causes of addiction.

Finally, he was hired by a local treatment center and started touring, telling others about his pain to help them avoid the same pitfalls he suffered.

It now appears, though, that he took a turn for the worse and his addiction once again got the best of him.

His autopsy report has not been made public as of yet, but a family source told the local media that Eubanks “lost the battle with the very disease he fought so hard to help others face.”

Rest in peace, Mr. Eubanks. Hopefully you find peace and solace on the other side.

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