Colorado Democrat accused of ‘frequently’ using women’s restroom

A new bathroom scandal has been revealed and this time, a Democrat is right in the middle of it.

While Senator Daniel Kagan says he only accidentally used the women’s bathroom once, reports have Kagan going into the women’s room purposely on multiple occasions.

Making Women Uncomfortable

Several female colleagues have made complaints against Kagan, but it has not stopped him from going into the wrong bathroom.

In March, Senator Beth Martinez hit Kagan with a sexual harassment complaint.

“I confronted him in the bathroom itself and said, ‘What are you doing in here,’” Martinez told a local news station.

She continued, “Then, as we were walking out, I said, ‘It’s not OK for you to be here. I don’t want to see you here again.’”

Not the Only One

In addition to Martinez, two other women that work with Kagan have seen him in the women’s room.

Disturbingly, a male staffer said he saw Kagan in the women’s room when his two young daughters were using the facilities.

He stated, “My girls still come up here. I will no longer let my girls use this bathroom because of this experience.”

Fake News

According to Kagan, people are trying to “make something of nothing.”

He further stated, “I accidentally used the wrong one. It was embarrassing, and it’s the kind of embarrassing mistake you don’t make twice.”

While Kagan continues to deny he really did anything wrong, the evidence tells a different story.

On a recorded phone call, the state secretary of state said, “We have a person who works here, a male, that has been frequently accessing the bathroom.”.”

She continued, “It’s one of my senators. It’s Senator … Senator Kagan.”

Measures have been taken to prevent Kagan from continuing to visit the women’s facilities.

The Senators access to that bathroom area has been revoked.

Oddly Enough…

The Kagan bathroom scandal was exposed after the Senator gave a “repulsive” speech to his colleagues on sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to several senators in attendance, he used graphic language that was simply unnecessary.

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Senator Kevin Grantham stated, “What happened at the mic on Friday was despicable. I had people coming to me Friday telling me –these are not people that are snowflakes or prudes or anything like that—these are people that come to me and were visibly shaken, emotionally upset over what they heard.”

While several news organization have reached out to Kagan for a statement after the recording was revealed, he has yet to respond.

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