'Colluding': U.S. Agencies Get Sued for Hiding Declassified Trump Memos

March 22, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Archives and Records Administration accusing the Washington bureaucracies of hiding from public inspection "hundreds of pages" of papers documenting the FBI's "bungled" Russia collusion probe.

Those documents were declassified by President Donald Trump.

The collusion investigation was based on lies created by operatives for then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and anti-Trump activists inside the FBI and DOJ.

One FBI agent famously promised another that he would not "let" Trump be president. But years of investigations showed there was nothing to the "Russia collusion" claims but lies.

Now Just the News is reporting its editor-in-chief, John Solomon, has filed the action with the assistance of the American First Legal public interest law firm.

The case alleges the two agencies violated the Presidential Records Act by keeping the declassified Russia probe documents out of the archives official collection for the Trump presidency.

"This is a case about two government agencies apparently colluding to evade the Presidential Records Act," the legal filing charged.

The case seeks to have the defendants "comply with the law."

Evidence included with the filing featured "emails from a top archives official last August acknowledging that the declassified records should be returned by DOJ 'as quickly as possible so that we can all have a fully releasable set of records,'" the report said.

Stephen Miller, president of America First and a former Trump adviser, said public transparency requires access to the documents.

"It is hard to identify a more glaring example of the deep state weaponizing government against the American people than unelected bureaucrats refusing to release the records of the Russia collusion hoax after they have been ordered declassified by the duly-elected president of the United States," Miller said, in the report. "America First Legal is truly proud to lead the legal battle to restore true democracy and government accountability in America."

Congressional investigations revealed that the FBI actually engaged in misconduct by seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant authorizing it to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Trump signed the order declassifying those documents in January 2021.

Among those, Just the News reported, are FBI discussions with former British spy Christopher Steele, who used Russian sources to come up with false claims against Trump – at the behest of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Even though they were declassified, the National Archives said the documents were not available to the public, because the DOJ was censoring some "personally identifiable information" from them.

Solomon explained, "They are historical records of a presidency that, as NARA acknowledged to me, belong in the archives and the hands of the American public."

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