Collins staffer, friend robbed 'at gunpoint' in DC

By Jen Krausz on
 June 10, 2024

A staffer of Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) and the staffer's friend were robbed "at gunpoint" in Washington, D.C. early Sunday morning, he posted on X, formerly Twitter. 

"Early this morning, three men attempted to rob one of my staffers and a friend at gunpoint in Navy Yard," Collins posted. "One attacker took a watch, the other took a fist to the face."

"Our nation’s capital has become a warzone because of pro-criminal policies peddled by D.C.’s government," he added. "Thank the good Lord, after fending off the assailants, both young men are safe."

New measures in place

Violent crimes were up 39% in D.C. in 2023 to 5,336, compared to 2022, data from the Metropolitan Police Department said.

There were 274 homicides in 2023, a record since 1997.

So far in 2024, violent crimes are down 26%.

This may be because D.C. passed the Secure DC Omnibus bill and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) signed it in March. It took effect immediately as an emergency act, but will also be implemented permanently.

The tune has changed

How quickly the tune has changed since 2020, when the death of George Floyd in police custody led to calls for "defunding" police, getting rid of cash bail, and other policies that only served to encourage more violent crime.

It hasn't taken long for cities like D.C., New York, and Philadelphia to see that the policies that have been in place for decades, if not longer, served a purpose and held back criminal activity.

The laxness of the criminal justice system is not sustainable, no matter what progressives and Democrats think.

In fact, laxity will lead to over-correcting autocracy, which could in fact be exactly what the left wants.

Unbridled illegal immigration that sends the worst from other countries to the U.S. is exacerbating the crime problem here, in addition.

Most people are still law-abiding, making reasonable policies on crime effective if they are enforced and followed.

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