Sen. Susan Collins sees campaign funding boost following her support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

It seems that Republicans throughout the country were following Brett Kavanaugh’s rocky road to the Supreme Court very closely — and they’re rewarding the senators who stood with President Donald Trump.

After casting her vote in support of Trump’s second Supreme Court pick, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) saw a massive influx in donations for her 2020 campaign, mostly from out-of-state supporters.

Loyalty Pays Off

It was widely unclear at the time how Collins would vote on Kavanaugh. She said she wanted to hear all relevant parties and would then make her decision based on the evidence revealed.

Ultimately, she did cast a vote in favor of the conservative justice, and she has been rewarded amply for it.

Apparently, there were some big-money donors sitting on the sidelines to see exactly where she would fall.

While the senator has done okay with funding from her own state, nearly $2 million was raised for her in the last quarter alone, with almost half of that coming from donations of $200 or more from out-of-state contributors.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, Republicans are going to have to fight tooth-and-nail over every available seat in Congress in 2020.

Indeed, while Collins has no announced opponent at this time, she surely will not go unopposed come election season. A campaign to “fund Susan Collins’ future opponent” if she voted for Kavanaugh raised over $3 million on CrowdPac last fall, though it is unclear where that money is now.

Still, whoever it is that opposes her is now going to have a rather significant fight on their hands. Collins is reportedly already building up a significant war chest in anticipation of a hard-fought election.

“We made an effort to have a strong quarter because we wanted to send the message that Senator Collins will be prepared to run a vigorous campaign in 2020,” a spokesman for Collins said.

Meanwhile, Republicans are worried about both the Senate and the White House come election day — and no one said the White House was safe.

While Trump says he is not worried about the current lineup of possible Democrat opponents, political experts like Rush Limbaugh have at least one name that is causing some concern: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is believed to be the front-runner among Dems at this time.

She is also considered to be one of the more dangerous candidates Trump could face in 2020. No doubt conservatives will have to continue supporting their GOP representatives, senators, and even the president if they want to paint Washington red next election season.

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