College ideology now contends Jesus was ‘androgynous’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A “genderbread” person, an on-screen image, has been used all across the country to claim that there are a nearly inexhaustible number of sexual and gender orientations.

Its latest iteration was presented recently at Brigham Young University.

And the teaching that accompanied it claimed that Jesus was the “most androgynous” person ever.

The details come in a report by Campus Reform, which has reported on the use of Mr. “Genderbread” as far back as 2017 when such posters appeared at Pennsylvania State during “Pride Week.”

The report explains the imagery, and the ideology is appearing at BYU just in time for Christmas.

It explained, “A picture of the class presentation depicting the creature was posted to Facebook by Natalie Cline, a school board member in the 11th district of Utah and a member of the Mormon Church.

She said a BYU student sent an image of the presentation to her mom during a “Human Development” class, showing a slide of the “Gingerbread Person” and outlining “spectrums” of gender and such.

“Cline told Campus Reform that the ‘presentation makes multiple misrepresentations of biological fact,” the report said. Further, it “repeatedly presents theories as given proofs.”

She warned there’s the harm in teaching such inaccuracies and called out BYU faculty members for their promotion of the ideologies.

Campus Reform explained, “Additionally, the presentation declared that Jesus Christ had both masculine and feminine traits. One slide obtained by Civic Media, for example, indicates that the proper way to raise children was not in a masculine or feminine way, but to ‘aim for androgyny,’ which is to introduce both masculine and feminine traits, arguing that Jesus Christ was the ‘most androgynous’ person.”

The report pointed out that the concept is in direct contradiction to the church’s Family Proclamation.

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