College football field stormed by anti-police protesters

Even though many Democrats have recognized that attacking police officers is a quick path to defeat in an election, the anti-police movement appears to be alive and well in certain parts of the nation.

According to Fox News, a chaotic scene unfolded during a Northwestern University football game Saturday night when anti-police protesters rushed the playing field in their attempt to protest the Northwestern Police Department.

Given the massive number of people in attendance at the game, multiple videos of the protesters were captured and uploaded to social media.

“Invest in Black lives”

The theme of the small group of protesters, aside from their calls to defund the Northwestern Police Department, included slogans like “Stop funding the war on Palestine,” and “Invest in Black lives.”

Hilariously, one of the Iowa fans in attendance attempted to put a quick end to the protest by trying to tear up the banners held by the protesters.

“Some kid in Iowa gear just ran on as well in an attempt to tear up said signs,” sports anchor Jett Beachum tweeted.

The protest, which was quickly broken up, took place during the halftime of the game.

Fox News reached out to the Northwestern Police Department for comment, but they only said that they were monitoring the situation, and provided no further details.

Something different

Saturday night’s scene at Northwestern was markedly different than what has occurred at a growing number of college football — and other — events, as fans have recently broken out in chants of “F*** Joe Biden,” and now, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The anti-Biden chant has occurred at various events around the country, and the family-friendly version of “Let’s go, Brandon” has even been heard on the House floor.

It’s clear at this point that college sports have become the new platform for protests on both sides.

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