Late-night host Stephen Colbert bashes Melania Trump to celebrate MLK Day

Late-night CBS host Stephen Colbert has sunk to a new low when it comes to disrespecting our first lady.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Colbert opened his monologue by brutally attacking Melania Trump’s innocuous tweet in celebration of the national holiday, according to Breitbart.

Bashing the first lady

Today’s media establishment is obsessed with Melania Trump, and not in a good way. Honestly, going after her policies or programs is fair game, just as it was with Michelle Obama; however, making fun of her because of her accent and because of the person to whom she is married is mean-spirited and wrong.

If Melania inserted herself into the public sphere more often, meaning she regularly took shots at the media or others, you might be able to justify the occasional attack, but our current first lady has been the epitome of class ever since she moved into the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In his effort to land a cheap laugh — in response to which the obviously liberal crowd was more than happy to oblige — Colbert equated MLK’s “I have a dream” speech to Melania’s alleged quest to be “free at last” from her marriage to Donald Trump and even made fun of the first lady’s accent. Watch below:

When did this become okay?

Liberals are always touting how tolerant and accepting they are. This holds true — as long as you are willing to toe the line and do exactly what they say.

Michelle Obama was never treated this way by the media or by popular late-night hosts. They talked about her with true reverence, losing their minds the minute anyone challenged a position or a cause she was backing.

When some alt-media sites attacked her appearance or said anything remotely negative about her personally, liberals went apoplectic.

To be quite frank, these are cheap shots that should not be tolerated by either side of the aisle, but that is the key: This should be a universal standard, not reserved for just one party.

If Colbert has a problem with something Melania is doing, there is no need to resort to mocking her accent. We all know the uproar that would have been heard had any conservative mocked Michelle Obama like this, so where is the outrage now?

Democrats and liberals can pretend they are the ones with an abundance of tolerance, but behavior such as this proves without a doubt where the hatred and anger truly lie in this country.

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