Chris Wallace: Cohen is trying to ‘sink’ Trump for ‘scorning’ him

Fox News’ Chris Wallace just gave his rather odd take on why Michael Cohen is suddenly going after President Donald Trump.

Wallace edited an old saying to explain what he thinks is going on and stated, “Hell hath no fury like a fixer scorned.”


“As assiduously as Michael Cohen has worked for more than a decade to protect Donald Trump, he seems to want to do everything he can right now to sink Donald Trump,” Wallace commented, adding, “I’m not sure that he can sink him, … but he sure is not being shy about coming out and bashing the president.”

Pointing out that Trump said he “never directed” Cohen to do anything, Wallace continued, “And here, less than 24 hours later, Cohen is saying, ‘Everything I did was at the explicit direction of Donald Trump, and he knew exactly what he was doing. So it’s a he-said, he-said, but obviously it’s not helpful to the president.”

Out for Revenge

Cohen spent more than a decade working for Trump as his attorney and “fixer.”

In other words, when Trump had problems, Cohen was supposed to be the person that sorted through Trump’s legal options to rectify the situation.

As such, it was reasonable to assume all communications Trump had with Cohen were confidential.

Cohen, however, proved he had something else in mind as he was recording his conversations with Trump all along.

When things went sideways for Cohen regarding his own personal business, he decided to violate that confidentiality and sell Trump out.

Apparently, the tapes themselves were not enough to bury Trump, so now Cohen has resorted to going to the media to make himself out to be some sort of victim.

Legal Options

Trump has said repeatedly that he hired Cohen so he had someone that would know the in and outs of the law to act legally on his behalf.

Cohen had significant autonomy, apparently, and Trump’s complete trust when it came to these situations.

This all goes to the point of Trump initially claiming ignorance on the payment to Stormy Daniels during her efforts to blackmail Trump during the election period.

Because of Cohen’s legal problems and resulting betrayal of Trump, the president has criticized him rather harshly.

Wallace believes that Trump’s direct criticism is what has created a man completely focused on taking down the President.

Cohen, however, is nothing more than a liar and everyone knows it.

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He lied to investigators, he has lied to the American people, and there is little doubt he is now lying about President Trump.

While he can shout from the highest mountain, there simply is no reason to believe a single word coming out of Cohen’s mouth at this point.

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