Report: Trump lawyer Cohen told friends he’ll be arrested soon

A new rumor is tearing up Washington, D.C. like a freight train off its tracks.

Unnamed sources have said that Michael Cohen, who was once Donald Trump’s personal attorney, has been secretly telling friends and family he is about to be arrested.

Cohen Denial

Word of Cohen’s “worry” circulated after an article was published in Vanity Fair alleging that Cohen was soon to be arrested.

In the article, the author cited several unnamed sources “close” to the situation.

This is the same type of journalism we have seen in the past when liberal reporters attempt to start new waves of discourse in the Trump camp.

But a quick read of these articles makes it very clear the “journalist” does not like Trump one bit.

The Vanity Fair piece also reads more like an opinion piece than actual news.

Cohen, after hearing the rumors, was quick to deny its legitimacy.

Cohen reportedly responded by text to Vanity Fair, stating: “Your alleged source is wrong!”

In Real Journalism

In days past, Cohen’s denial would have killed that story.

If a journalist got an unnamed source, they had to corroborate the story.

If the subject of the article denies the incident happened, the story was dead unless the source wanted to go on the record.

Today, journalistic integrity is at an all-time low, however.

Virtually every story we read uses various unnamed sources.

In most of these cases, these stories grab their 15 seconds of fame, then fade away into the sunset.

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Will that be the case here?

We should have an answer to that in coming weeks. But if the arrest doesn’t happen, what are the odds Vanity Fair will print a retraction?

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