Michael Cohen makes adamant denial to Mueller team: I’ve ‘never been to Prague’

Democrats in support of Special Counsel Robert Mueller have long claimed that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague to meet with Russian operatives.

Unfortunately, at least for Democrats and liberals, Cohen has adamantly denied these allegations, claiming that he’s “never been to Prague.”

Sorry Democrats

Cohen has found himself in quite a pickle as a result of the Mueller investigation.

But although he is set to spend the next three years behind bars, it isn’t for alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Indeed, despite pleading guilty to other charges, Cohen maintains his innocence on that front — including that he has never been to Prague, and especially not to meet with Russian operatives.

This is despite allegations on the contrary that were listed in the infamous dossier provided by Christopher Steele to obtain a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to surveil a Trump campaign staffer.


Indeed, Cohen and his attorney, Lanny Davis, have been adamant in recent interviews that Cohen hasn’t even been anywhere near the capital of the Czech Republic.

But what makes this even more interesting is that Davis is not exactly a fan of Trump.

He is actually known as a big ally and supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

During the interview, he mentioned that Cohen instructed him to stop answering the questions about Prague, because his answer is never going to change.

This pokes another major hole in the Steele dossier.

Considering how much weight has been put on that dossier during this investigation, Mueller should be very concerned about this.

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Mueller is already coming under fire for losing important evidence and creating possible bogus forms during his probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

If Cohen is telling the truth here — and he has no reason to lie about this — Mueller may find himself in front of a Senate committee trying to explain himself.

We can’t wait to see that.

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