Michael Cohen asks for restraining order against Stormy Daniels attorney

Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, were just delivered a massive blow by Michael Cohen.

In an effort to shut Avenatti up, Cohen has filed a restraining order to bar him from discussing the Daniels case in public.

Publicity Monger

This year should be dubbed the “Year of Avenatti.”

Avenatti probably has more appearances on cable news than any other guest.

In March, April, and May of this year, Avenatti appeared on CNN alone a total of 74 times.

In every one of those appearances, he blasted President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen with every breath.

More importantly, Avenatti has been coloring the opinion of the very people that could be called to judge Cohen in a case.

That, specifically, is why Cohen wants a muzzle put on him.

Fair Trial

Cohen, rightfully, is claiming Avenatti’s appearances are preventing him from being able to receive a fair trial.

There simply is no way anyone called as a juror in this case would be able to claim they have not already formed an opinion in the case.

Avenatti, of course, disagrees.

He immediately took to Twitter accusing Cohen of trying to cover things up.

That is not the case, though.

Cohen merely wants the information to come out when it should: in the courtroom.

That way, the members of the court can decide on their own, rather than having cable news networks twisting the facts and only giving one side of the argument.

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Avenatti’s behavior throughout this case has been so disgraceful, several legal pundits have questioned whether or not he should even be able to practice law.

To put it simply, Avenatti is proving he is nothing more than an ambulance chaser that has simultaneously used this case as a self-promotion vehicle. He’s only looking out for himself.

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