Coalition of states strike back, will sue Biden admin to block vax mandates

While President Joe Biden and his administration — and most Dems — continue to push COVID-19 vaccine mandates on virtually every American they can, a growing number of states have apparently had enough.

According to Fox News, a coalition of at least 10 states, as of this writing, have banded together to file suit against the Biden administration in an attempt to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal workers and contractors.

The attorneys general of the 10 states involved in the lawsuit argues that vaccine mandates for federal workers and contractors will be detrimental to their states’ economies, as they expect a large number of said workers to ultimately leave their jobs if it comes to choosing between the vaccine and their employment.

“Far from increasing economy and efficiency in procurement, the contractor vaccine mandate will have deleterious effects on economy and inefficiency by causing the large-scale resignations of unvaccinated employees of federal contractors,” the AG’s wrote.

Workforce “decimated”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) spearheaded the legal action and was quickly joined by a number of other Republican-led states in the fight to prevent the Biden administration’s “absurd federal overreach.”

“Defendants, through their vaccine mandate, have exercised power far beyond what was delegated to the federal government by constitutional mandate or congressional action,” the AG’s wrote.

The group added: “Neither Article II of the U.S. Constitution nor any act of Congress authorizes defendants to implement their vaccine mandate. The power to impose vaccine mandates, to the extent that any such power exists, is a power reserved to the States.”

They went on to cite labor statistics that prove if such mandates are allowed to stand, a massive chunk of the U.S. workforce could be disrupted virtually overnight, which the attorneys general argued would ultimately result in a number of consequences at a time when the U.S. economy can’t take many more blows.

“If the federal government attempts to unconstitutionally exert its will and force federal contractors to mandate vaccinations, the workforce and businesses could be decimated, further exacerbating the supply chain and workforce crises,” the lawsuit filing stated.

Public safety concerns

On a municipal level, mandates leveled by Democrats are, according to top law enforcement officials, posing a growing threat to public safety as the ranks of police departments, fire departments, and other first responder groups shrink.

In a previous Fox report, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva slammed Los Angeles’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate, citing the negative impact on the police force, which is especially concerning given that crime rates are spiking at unprecedented rates as it is.

“I have repeatedly stated the dangers to public safety when 20% to 30% of my workforce is no longer available to provide service, and those dangers are quickly becoming a reality,” the sheriff wrote.

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